Joe Dion | Alberta Manning Networking Conference

Joe Dion

CEO, Frog Lake Energy

One of Alberta Venture’s 50 most influential people of 2015, Joseph Dion is chairman and chief executive officer of Frog Lake Energy Resources Corporation (FLERC). One of Canada’s only wholly- owned First Nations oil and gas exploration and production companies, FLERC operates on Frog Lake First Nations lands in partnership with several oil companies. With over 35 years of First Nations oil and gas experience, Dion has worked to preserve and integrate the First Nations core values or ‘Teepee Principles’ in his work and daily life. Respect, strength, and kinship guide him in all of his endeavours. Prior to coming to Frog Lake Energy, Dion worked as a consultant for First Nations in Canada, and Indian tribes and Alaskan Eskimo groups in the United States.He worked with energy companies and governments negotiating Impact Benefit Agreements and joint ventures. In 1980, he established Dion Resources Inc. and advised on matters of First Nations self- government, business, finance, and energy.