Jason Kenney | Alberta Manning Networking Conference

Jason Kenney

Leader, United Conservative Party

At a young age, I decided to devote my life to public service. I was driven by a passion to renew Canada's promise as a land of opportunity, so that every one of us - especially those who are least fortunate - can realize their God-given potential.  It is because we are the inheritors of a great tradition of ordered liberty based on the dignity of the human person, incarnated in certain institutions and customs like: The rule of law Limited government The sanctity of property and contract From these principles have come the brilliant achievements of free markets, free enterprise, and democratic capitalism. Of innovation and prosperity. All of which have allowed human freedom to flourish, to lift countless women and men out of poverty and despair, to realize the greatness of their potential. In politics we may forget what we are about, and we may lose track of the first principles that move us towards public service. Still, the rule of law, limited government, and the sanctity of property & contract remain my first principles.  I am a conservative because I believe we have an obligation to transmit and renew the traditions of ordered liberty help to make Canada the envy of the world.